Rinaldi, and Alfian, Alfian and Rahmi, Awliya (2018) A SOCIOLINGUISTICS ANALYSIS OF MILITARY JARGON IN CALL OF DUTY VIDEO GAME. Skripsi thesis, UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi.

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This research studied the sociolinguistic phenomenon, especially in terms of jargon. This study was intended to analyze the word-formation processes of jargon which occur in Call of Duty video game. In this study, the meaning and functions of military jargon which occur in Call of Duty video game were also analyzed. Descriptive qualitative method was applied in this study. Meanwhile, the discussion was presented in a descriptive way. The researcher presented deep analysis of the data. The data were in the form of words and phrases in the transcript of the game‟s dialogue. Call of Duty video game and its transcript became the sources of the data. The data were collected by the researcher. Since it was a qualitative study, the researcher became the key instrument for collecting, measuring, and analyzing the data. The findings of this study show that there are 56 items which are categorized as military jargons. They are categorized as conversion (16 items), compounding (8 items), borrowing (20 items), derivation (4 items), backformation, clipping and multiple process (2 items) and acronym (1 item). Conversion becomes the most prominent form of jargon in this study. The process of conversion is easily found. It also finds that 56 items have meaning as conceptual meaning. Meanwhile the items of military jargon found are 56 items. It means all the data which are identified in this research containing conceptual meaning. In terms of function, this study reveals that jargon is not randomly conducted. Yet, it serves some functions which are used to make an economical communication and to promote in-group solidarity and to exclude out-groupers (who do not use jargon). The first function covers up to 47 items. Then, the second function covers 7 items..

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Additional Information: Alfian
Keywords / Katakunci: sociolinguistic, descriptive qualitative method; video game
Subjects: 400 Bahasa
Divisions: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora
Depositing User: Murjoko S.Kom
Date Deposited: 17 May 2019 03:23
Last Modified: 11 Nov 2019 02:20
URI: http://repository.uinjambi.ac.id/id/eprint/113

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