Khodijah, Claudia and Mislan, and Mukhlisa, Dian (2018) GRAMMATICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION OF CHRISTINE DE PIZAN’S POETRIES. Skripsi thesis, UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi.

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Grammatical interpretation is the process of mediating and conveying messages to be understood. This process includes saying, explaining, and translating. Psychologycal interpretation examines behavior, mental functions, and human mental processes that can be reflected in writing or verbally, which in this study focuses on a work of art from an author, which is also not free from the influence of the surrounding environment. This study aims to describe and to know about: (1) the interpretation of grammatical concepts, (2) the interpretation of psychological concepts, and (3) the influence of the society environment to the psychology of Christine de Pizan that reflected on her work. The object of this research is the poetry Christine de Pizan. Data were obtained by observation techniques, heuristic readings, and hermeneutics and qualitative descriptive method. The theory used is Schleiermacher's Hermeneutic theory, and by using additional theories, namely mimetics. The results of the study are as follows: (1) The interpretation of the grammatical concepts of the Christine de Pizan poem includes sentence cohesion analysis and analysis of poetry building elements. a) Cohesion of sentences includes references, substitutions, ellipses, and conjunctions. The references identified personal pronoun: the first person (92 words), the second person (34 words), and the third person (5 words). Demonstrative refers to the word that (3 words), this (5 words), and such (5 words). Comparative, writer compares herself with something else around her by using comparative words like (1 words), than (2 words). The substitution that is commonly found is a word meaning sadness and pain. Ellipses can be in the form of additional information. Conjunctions are words and (17 words), for (3 words), or, but, because (4 words), till (3 words), if (3 words), wherever, which (4 words), since (2 words). b) The structure of poetry includes themes (pain), feelings (sadness) messages, diction, and majas (alliteration, assonance, cliche, hyperbole, idioms, simile). (2) The interpretation of the de Pizan psychological concept is done by analyzing the psychological state of the de Pizan when she writes poetry, in many poems reflecting feelings of sadness, pain, suffering. (3) The influence of the environment is very influential on the attitudes and thoughts of the de Pizan reflected in her works, by comparing and reading about biography and some of her famous works, in getting that her work is a reflection of her thoughts affected by the environment in place she lives.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Additional Information: Mislan
Keywords / Katakunci: grammatical and psychological interpretation; poetry analysis; Christine de Pizan
Subjects: 400 Bahasa
Divisions: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora
Depositing User: Murjoko S.Kom
Date Deposited: 17 May 2019 02:59
Last Modified: 06 Nov 2019 04:50

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